Mixed Ability Session

Mixed Ability Sessions

Mixed Ability Sessions

Join us for  fun and exercise at our Mixed Ability sessions.The sessions are for people of all ages and abilities and cost £5 per person per session and include the use of a bike and helmet.

Our collection of bikes cover all ages and abilities. Bikes available include  adapted bikes such as handcycles, tandems, trikes, recumbents and wheelchair bikes along with hybrids and mountain bikes .Experienced and friendly Streetbikes staff are on hand to offer advice and guidance, on  bikes to suit your needs.

Sessions are held at Spenborough running track, Liversedge, WF15 6LW every Tuesday from 10.30 to 14.30 and every Saturday from 12.30 to 15.00. We have 5 x 40 min sessions  on a Tuesday,(max 20 people) and 3×40 sessions on a Saturday. Book a session below or call  07873773417

For further details please call 07873773417

Who are these cycle sessions for?

These cycle sessions are for people of all abilities, ages and genders.

They take place on the 400 Metre running track to ensure that cyclists feel safe and secure. The sessions are run under the watchful supervision of our qualified bike instructors.

For more details please call  mobile 07873773417 or email info@streetbikes.org.uk.

You can use your own bike but this will need to be checked by one of our staff before using  it on the track.

Adapted Bikes

We have a wide range of adapted bikes to cater for all abilities . These include tricycles (3 wheels) which are helpful for people with balance issues.

Tricycles can be fitted with foot plates to make it easier for riders to rotate the pedals and they can be upright or recumbent (horizontal sitting position). 

 We have bikes that Wheelchairs can be fitted onto 

We have various tandems which have two, three or four wheels and are allow  two people to ride together.This can be configured with one rider in front of the other, or side by side.

 Tandems are particularly good for people with visual impairments.

Hand cycles are also available where the riders use their arms to push the handles around to drive the chain and wheels.

 We also have some Low step over bikes which makes life easier for people who are unable to throw their leg over a saddle.

Adapted Bikes

Non Adapted Adult Bikes

Junior Bikes


Everything you needed to know about Streetbikes 

Our cycling sessions are held at Spen Valley Leisure Centre and are for people of all abilities. We can provide either an adapted or non-adapted bike and an helmet for your session, or you can bring your own bike, however this will need to be checked by our qualified bike mechanics to make sure it’s safe for use. A £5 charge will be made for the use of the bike, helmet and track and your session will generally last up to one hour.
Our qualified cycle instructors and ride leaders will be on hand to offer help and give advice.

Street bikes relies on your generous bike donations to carry on with its work. We take any bike ,any size and in any condition. Complete the donate a bike form located in the donate a bike tab and submit.This will register your bike for donation. Once registered, your bike will receive a unique number. This will enable us to know what happens to it i.e. recycled at an affordable price, used as a Children’s Christmas giveaway, given to Destitute Asylum Seekers Huddersfield, sent to the Christian African Relief Trust, or given to low income families.