Our Story

The Streetbikes team

Our On-Going Success Story

Streetbikes is an ongoing success story. From humble beginnings we now have an ever expanding team of volunteers, staff and resources so that we have the capacity to truly make a difference to thousands of people, enriching their lives through cycling. Streetbikes was founded in 2009 by Gill Greaves and a group of like-minded cycling enthusiasts. They began with a project to recycle bikes with the intention of helping underprivileged people in Kirklees. Bikes were donated and refurbished and sold at low cost or given away. A series of programmes were devised to promote cycling among underprivileged groups. Access to adapted and non-adapted bikes in a safe environment was created. A range of cycling activities and events were organised so as to help improve the health and well-being of the local community, and especially to provide access to cycling activities to underprivileged, underrepresented and hard to reach groups. 

As the popularity of Streetbikes grew, so too did its ability to secure funding. Not only did Streetbikes gather support from local sponsors and donors, it became very successful in securing funding from a variety of national sources. In 2016 Streetbikes received its first major award from the National Lottery and again from the National Lottery Community Fund in 2019 and most recently in 2023.

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