Recycled Bike Shop

Recycled Bike Shop

Recycled Bike Shop

***Note for visitors: Due to Covid-19 we request that customers remain outside, and we will bring your bike to you. Please observe the  2m guideline at all times. We would appreciate visitors wearing face coverings. To enquire about bikes for sale please complete the request a bike form on our website or alternatively call our office on 01484 654530 . We also have some bikes for sale on eBay so please check this too.. ***

Welcome to Streetbikes recycled bikes.If you are looking for a decent bike that doesn’t cost the earth, want to reduce bikes going to landfill and want to support the work of a great cycling charity, then read on. 

Where do recycled bikes come from?

All of our refurbished bikes have been kindly donated by the public and through the local recycling centres. These bikes are then assessed for either reuse, spare parts (by us or CART) or sent for recycling to the local waste metal scrap company. None of the bikes we receive are sent to landfill, thus reducing the carbon footprint.

Our Prices

Our affordable refurbished bikes are priced as follows:

Children under 11 years old are £20, £40, £60, children over 11 years old and adults are priced at £40, £60, and £80. Prices are dependant on condition, make and time spent on the bike and any new parts added to the bike for resale.

Our turnover is extremely fast, and demand is high so it may take time to provide you with your bike. Examples of affordable bikes are located on the affordable bike sale section of the website, please note that these are just examples.  


What You Can Expect from Your New-to-you Bike

The frame will be second hand.  and aesthetically, there may be some cosmetic wear.

Some of the other components will also be second hand – but anything that doesn’t meet our strict standards will be replaced with brand new parts.

If you have any doubts at all about purchasing a bike from us, then just give us a call.

NHS & Keyworkers Offer

Workers & people seeking work offer

At the moment we run a loan bike and free bike servicing scheme offer to workers & people seeking work. The offer has been funded through City Connect and offers a suitable bike for a 3-month loan period or a free standard service and small part replacement on your own bike. If after the loan period, you wish to purchase the bike then the bike will be offered at an affordable price. Alternatively you can return the bike and it will be made available to someone else.

This offer is only available for a short period and is dependent on bikes donated, so please contact us ASAP.