Volunteers Week 2021

The reasons Streetbikes is where it is today is thanks to volunteers. Our volunteers are vital to the work we do and even though we appreciate them all year round, we want to use Volunteers Week 2021 as a chance to say a huge ‘Thank you’.

We spoke to volunteer, Richard Bentley, about why he enjoys volunteering at Streetbikes.

Name: Richard Bentley (that’s a good start) 

How long have you been a volunteer at Streetbikes: Just over 2 years – how time flies when you are having fun. (Ok it feels more like 4 years!)

What has been your best memory as a volunteer at Streetbikes: Seeing the joy on the faces of those attending and getting to know their personalities and can do abilities. The range of bikes on offer, friendly atmosphere and safe setting helps build confidence and development. Friendships are struck and it is nice to see families and carers having time to chat with others. I am also amazed how resilient and hardcore some of the attendees are – whatever the British weather has to offer – they are out there. (Putting the last bike away and locking up after a full on session). 

Why did you want to volunteer: To give a little bit back. As an ‘older’ citizen, I am still young at heart and have skills to offer. In my other life I am a keen fly fisher; standing alone in a river is bliss. Streetbikes offers an alternative to that – both mentally, physically and socially. At times we have a right laugh. (Actually I was press ganged into it by Clare).

What would you say to others thinking of getting involved in Streetbikes: Go for it. There are plenty of different ways of helping out including organisational skills, administration, fund raising, cycle maintenance, learn to ride, ride leadership (and making cups of tea).

What’s the best thing about riding a bike: Fresh air, freedom, fitness and fun. The challenge of longer rides, building stamina, and seeing and appreciating the countryside at a steady pace. (And of course not falling off).

If you want to volunteer at Streetbikes please email info@streetbikes.org.uk